What A Bust If LeBron Leaves Miami

The words of LeBron James after signing with the Miami Heat in 2010, not one, not two, not five; how many then? Well perhaps fans in South Beach might have to settle for two, at least we’ll see.

The news of LeBron announcing his status to opt out of his contract and test the free-agent market has a lot of people breathing with anticipation, of will he sign with my team? Then again, some nervous individuals remain, the Heat fans, maybe even the Cavaliers’ fans.

But let’s look at the Heat first. LeBron goes on that four-letter sports network, better known as the Worldwide Leader, to say he is “taking his talents to South Beach.” Now, having teamed-up with the Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, they have only achieved two titles, having appeared in all four NBA Finals as long as this unit has existed.

If LeBron chooses to leave, then this would mark a huge disappointment, even more than leaving Cleveland. Let’s give the Heat a pass for the 2011 NBA Finals loss to the Mavericks, everyone needing to know how to work with each other, understanding individual games. But after claiming the crowns in 2012 and 2013, perhaps some did not expect the Heat to coast to victory. Those thinking that way, were right. Little bench support and perhaps that’s one reason for LeBron choosing to test the market, as a threat. Basically, get help or I’m out. If that happens, I have a feeling say goodbye to Bosh too. Hey, Wade can have his team back.

What about a return to Cleveland, of course it’s only speculation. Still, we must understand that LeBron knows he did not leave on good terms, he knows his buddy Johnny Manziel is the future starting quarterback for the Browns, he knows that this city on Lake Erie will welcome him back, in hopes of trying to accomplishing “unfinished business.”

Still, if he goes back to Cleveland or decides on somewhere else, what a bust Miami would have become. Two NBA titles, unacceptable, considering not one, not two; well two it might only be.

Of course, we’ll see.

Frank Sprankle

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