Trout The Leading Face of MLB

A good choice by Mike Trout after he was named All-Star Game MVP on Tuesday night in Cincinnati, take the truck by Chevrolet.

Last year in Minneapolis, he took the corvette.

Trout’s almost 24 years old and he already has achieved the feat of back-to-back MLB All-Star Game MVPs.

He homered to lead off the game, he scored two runs. In fact take a look at his four all-star games at the plate, going back to 2012, Trout’s hitting .583.

Besides having the honor of the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year and its MVP just a season ago, what more could Trout accomplish before his career.

That’s besides winning a World Series, or two, or three, maybe more. What will his stats look like, what could become the accomplishments? How about the record books?

Only time will tell that tale.

But one thing’s for certain, Major League Baseball has a youth movement, and Trout’s leading it.

So what did you accomplish before age 24?

Frank Sprankle

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