The Texas Rangers, Expectations and Lady Luck

The Texas Ranger’s season ended today much like it started. When the spring training started there was great expectations among Ranger players and fans. The season-ending injury to Yu Darvish quickly followed by the injury to Derek Holland combined with Martin Perez still recovering from elbow surgery and those early expectations quickly vanished. April was a horrible time to be a Ranger’s fan, but May was much better, and that was when baseball and Lady Luck took over and gave those expectations a chance to be revitalized. The Rangers played good enough to hang around in the standings through June and July, and no other team in the division played well enough to keep them from doing so. Come August 1st with a record of 50-53 the Rangers could still see the Houston Astros despite being 8 games back in the standings with the Los Angeles Angels also 5 games ahead of them. The thing about baseball and a season that has 162 games is that all it takes is a chance, and sometimes Lady Luck does the rest. The Rangers got hot at the plate, and when the pitching was less than great, they simply outscored their opponents. When the bats went cold, the pitching heated up and won the games that could have went either way. The Astro’s lead shrank, the Angels took a month off, and the Rangers took advantage of those things to close the gap between them and the Astros to 3 games by September 1st with the Angels falling to 6.5 games behind. The Rangers took 5 out of 7 games from the Astros in September completing an amazing run to a Western Division Championship or a disappointing collapse depending on which team you are a fan of. Still the Rangers had to wait until the last day of the season to win the division by beating the Angels while the Astros lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Then came the Toronto Blue Jays and the playoffs. The Rangers won the first two games of a best of five series, and expectations were that they would win one of the next three games. Toronto came to Texas and won two and it was back to Canada for the final game. Lady Luck forgot her passport, the computers for the U.S. Department of Customs went down and the Rangers were on their own. In hindsight, that is baseball. You win some you should not, you lose some you should have won, but in the end the better team usually wins the series. Toronto did that today. Yes Ranger players and fans alike hoped for a different outcome, and the game was there for the taking, and some will argue the Rangers should have won. Maybe it was the pressure, maybe they were fortunate to even be there in the first place, or maybe they just ran out of luck, but one thing is for sure it was a great season for the Rangers considering where they started way back in April. #JustSayin

J. Brackston

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