The Start of Promise, The College Football Playoffs

It might not seem perfect, but it’s a start, a big start. Come Monday night, the national championship of college football will come down to two schools with a Rose Bowl feel.

Oregon and Ohio State, Pac-12 vs. Big 10. But wait a minute, no SEC? Isn’t that the beauty of this new playoff format? For once, there’s a system in place to make sure that such a school as Alabama, and even Auburn have to go through a competitive round of playoffs. And was it competitive for Alabama.

Just think about this, if the old BCS system had existed, then Oregon would have ranked at number one, followed by Alabama. Alabama would have played for a national championship. Cleary the SEC’s best friend had been the BCS, which has died and become buried in the memories of college football fans. RIP to the BCS, you will not be missed.

Yet as we embark on Arlington Monday night, it’s only a cornerstone. It’s not perfect, not even close.

Only four schools made it to dance. But, this tournament has got to start somewhere. Within the next decade, don’t be surprised if a pool of 16 make-up the college football playoffs.

In the meantime, four is the starting point.

Enjoy Oregon and Ohio State, new era, new excitement.


Frank Sprankle

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