The New England Patriots Are Worthy of Hollywood

The guilty verdict of Aaron Hernandez had me realizing that with the New England Patriots since the 2001 season, what a great movie it would make.

Seriously, Hollywood should consider this team as a fact based script. The only question here, what director and what studio would want this project?

No question needed here, this would make for a great picture.

Think about it, the most successful team in the NFL, but publicized as well. In addition to Super Bowls, how about perfection being ruined in the most memorable Super Bowl, Spy Gate, Deflategate, oh I love the idea.

Not to mention there’s actors for everyone, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. I would love to see who could play Belichick that would need to have a perfect actor, but who?

Isn’t it right to have the Patriots documented on the big screen. I would love to see it, would you?

Frank Sprankle

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