So Why Do I Like Sports


The question here is “why do we like sports.” Has anyone ever sat down for few moments in an effort of answering that question? Probably not, but maybe we should.

At least I’ll try to answer the question for myself. “Why do I like sports?” The answer can be summoned-up in two parts; family background and location.

Actually, I can put both family background and location together. Growing-up in Chicago, I did become a fan of the sports teams from the Windy City (granted my baseball rooting interest lay in the Cubs, although since I’m a baseball fan, I make it my business to go to as many White Sox games as Cubs). These are the teams that my own father rooted for, and as a result that influence has had a direct effect on me.

Some of the earliest memories with my father included watching Blackhawks games on television, well away from Chicago Stadium that was. That then brings me to the home games and anyone from Chicago as well as NHL purists would know the ownership policy at the time, meant that anyone who wanted to know what the Blackhawks were doing inside old barn on West Madison, either attend the game or listen to it on the radio. Clearly I remember going to bed many-a-night overhearing from my parent’s bedroom, my dad’s boombox (remember those) having the legendary Pat Foley describe the action on the ice.

These days my dad has come to question why did you become a Cubs’ fan? Let me state, my dad does root for the north side baseball team. The problem is with him living longer than me, the more frustration he has experienced with the Cubs. After all, he lived through that 1969 season, enough said there.

Television made me a Cubs fan. Being born in 1981, the early part of the “me” decade became a critical period from both baseball teams. In 1982, the White Sox with Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn at the helm for a year of ownership made a mistake. This mistake led me to becoming a Cubs’ fan. They moved the majority of their games to ON-TV, a pay television service while pretty much every Cubs’ game could be visible through WGN-TV. Oh yeah, the mistake led to Harry Caray’s departure. In 1982, he changed sides in Chicago, from south to north.

Now you have baseball’s best pitchman with easy availability to your team’s games. Therefore the Chicago Cubs won me over.

Of course the White Sox now have games on WGN-TV, alongside the Cubs’ and ON-TV is off of TV. Perhaps the White Sox do a better job of winning over a generation now, but in the early 1980s, a generation loss, at least with me.

Just to state for the record, maybe a Cubs’ fan, but blessed the White Sox have been part of my childhood. It’s part of what makes Chicago great, two baseball teams with one football, one hockey and one basketball team. The opportunity to see all ball clubs and games played with the pitcher hitting and a DH. Maybe divided between baseball rooting interests, but an agreement between these baseball fans, “Beat The Packers.”

These mark some of the reasons why I became a fan of sports, but why does a person become a fan of sports? We can speculate, but we need to hear it.

So why are you a sports fan?

Frank Sprankle

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