Pete Rose Betting As A Player Will Keep Him Out Of Baseball, But It Should Not


With new evidence alleging Pete Rose of having bet on baseball now as a player by ESPN, it doesn’t change what I think. He should be reinstated.

Then again, I’m not Rob Manfred, but I have a feeling that perhaps his thought has changed.

Let’s face it, he’s not getting back in.

If indeed this is true, and it seems to the short-attention span of many that this is the case, then forget about. There’s no reinstatement or hall of fame eligibility.

This report by ESPN about Rose comes as Manfred, in his first season as baseball commissioner, was in what I believe considering on a serious level to possibly welcome back Rose.

The only welcome back he’ll get now will come next month when Cincinnati plays host to the All-Star game next month. And he will take part in a commissioner-approved pregame ceremony.

Then again, how many guys have lied about PEDs? Enough said, time to let Pete Rose back in baseball.

Frank Sprankle

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