One City, One Stadium, Two Opposite NFL Teams


It’s an NFL rarity, a two team market, so rare only two exist. Outside of Bay Area, the Giants and Jets share the representation of New York, for that matter too, Met Life Stadium.

But the fan bases seem to differ, at least those that go to the games. The Giants have the white collar base, the Wall Street type; while the Jets feature blue collar, the hard hats and lunch bucket group.

These days, its “big blue” holding true, having won three straight heading into a crucial match-up Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. As far as the other tenant of Met Life Stadium, “Gang Green” has become “Pain Green.”

Poor blue collar Jets fans, your team is now 1-5 now, having lost four in a row, not to mention last Sunday’s 31-0 loss to the Chargers in San Diego.

I guess it does rain in southern California as the tune from 1972 by Albert Hammond tried to convince us that it didn’t, but ask the Jets that on Sunday, for “it pours, man it pours.”

And while the questions have surrounded Rex Ryan and his job status, although this is nothing new for us, understand here, who do the Jets have to market?

They did at one time, his name was Broadway “Joe Willie” Namath. But wait, he only played from 1965-1976 with the Jets, didn’t he? Sure did and led them to victory in Super Bowl III to further help force the climate of the modern-day NFL.

But come-on, it’s been almost four decades since Namath wore Jet green. Time moves on and they have nobody to market now.

Well, they did have Mark Gastineau, but I don’t see him in Canton. Great career however for Gastineau, but not quite marketable the way Namath became.

Curtis Martin did come over from the New England Patriots, ran the ball well, and he’s in the Hall of Fame, but not quite marketable the way Namath became.

Although unlike Gastineau, Martin is in Canton.

But what about the Jets since Super Bowl III, perhaps a couple of conference championship games here and there, but no big stage.

The Giants on the other hand, four Lombardi trophies in five tries and more Hall of Famers in the modern era, including Lawrence Taylor and Michael Strahan.

Maybe Phil Simms is not there, but he has accomplished more than any Jets QB since Namath, got to admit that.

And Eli, who knows stats wise, but based on lighting striking twice, why not give him a gold jacket one of these years.

At least Bill Parcells can be shared among Giants and Jets fans in terms of that one link in Canton, but who did “Big Tuna’s” two Super Bowl titles come as coach of, who?

We know the answer. Once again, “Big Blue” is true and “Gang Green is just “Pain Green.”

We also know that the Giants hold the identity of New York, the success, the modern-day prestige. Two Super Bowl titles since 2007 and defeating the New England Patriots on both occasions, the main rivalry to the Jets.

Pretty much, it’s time to close here, the Giants have their identity, but since Namath, who or what has been the Jets identity?

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