Once Again, The NBA Has A Leg-Up On The NHL

Its finals season; NBA, NHL Stanley Cup, final exams. Actually, June represents the championship rounds for basketball and hockey.

Look, we know LeBron and Stephen Curry are the star attraction of the NBA Finals. As far as the NHL, what about Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos?

That’s the issue, in the United States, NHL players aren’t typically household names, unlike the NBA.

While I have respect for the NBA, the question is, why doesn’t the NHL get as much attention as the NBA?

Maybe it’s the television exposure. All best of seven NBA games are available on ABC, over-the-air television. That’s not the case with the NHL as two of a possible best of seven will air on NBCSN and not NBC.

Then again in Canada, CBC will air every game for the cup.

Another reason, hockey is European, its June and we’ll still watching hockey. I think many people don’t want to think about ice.

As far as the NBA, they do a fine job marketing their superstars, something the NHL lacks.

In all, the NBA is everything the NHL should be.

Frank Sprankle

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