Once Again, It’s New York and Los Angeles for a World Championship, After 33 Years

When thinking of east coast vs. west coast, sure its Atlantic vs. Pacific, but it can in terms of metropolitan, easy to identify. That is New York vs. Los Angeles, two of the top markets in this country.

And now, these two cities have NHL teams bearing this representation playing for 40 pounds of the most famous of all silver on the planet, the Stanley Cup.

As we enjoy the Kings and the Rangers write another championship match-up favoring New York and Los Angeles, this marks the first on the ice.

We have been down this road before, but not in this generation. The last time it was New York and Los Angeles duking it out for a world title, the 1981 World Series, the Yankees and Dodgers. In the year of Fernadomania, the Dodgers prevailed in six games as this Fall Classic marked the fourth time that these two teams met for a title since the Dodgers left Brooklyn for Los Angeles following the 1957 season.

In 1963, the Dodgers claim the World Series, while the Yankees won in back-to-back years of 1977 and 1978.

From the diamond to the hardwood, the Knicks and the Lakers, two of the NBA’s most profiled franchises, both on the outside looking in on the playoffs this year, both searching for a head coach. But from 1970 to 1973, the Knicks and Lakers gathered in three NBA Finals. Of course, there was Willis Reed’s dramatics in Game 7 of the 1970 finals as the Knicks won their first championship in league history. While the Lakers would coast in five in 1972; the following year, it was in five that the Knicks got the upper-hand and revenge.

Now, it’s New York and Los Angeles again for a world title, Manhattan and Hollywood, Rangers and Kings. Perhaps no one expected this to be the Stanley Cup Finals, considering that the Rangers got past a tough Penguins squad in the second round, while the Kings have fought through three rounds of seven games, including the opening round against the Sharks, down 0-3 and coming back to win in four.

Should be an interesting series, as the ice takes center of attention between New York and Los Angeles.

What’s next the gridiron? Well, we know what that’s going to take.

Frank Sprankle

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