New All-Stars To Baseball’s Mid-Summer Classic, But Old Will Tell The Story

Hard to believe the summer has passed us quickly to this point. That is if you measure this lazy season by the baseball season, then say to yourself, “boy, the time has flown right by.”

Tuesday night will mark the third time that Minnesota has played hosted to the All-Star Game. The first, 1965 at outdoor Metropolitan Stadium, and then 1985, confined within the roof of the Metrodome. Both times won by the National League.

Now that game returns to the Minnesota open-air, Target Field.

And while the game has lost its luster of years past, pre-interleague play, competitive baseball, and why play for the league representative getting home-field advantage, there’s always memories.

This year it’s a gathering of new with the old. New from the standpoint that 25 first-time all stars. Let while the youngsters will dominate the game, guys such as Yasiel Puig and rookie Jose Abreu making their first appearance, it will also become time to recognize the old.

Derek Jeter will dawn his Yankee No. 2 jersey for his 14th All-Star appearance, his final one.

This will mean a continued assortment of All-Star Game memories that have included Ted Williams at Fenway Park surrounded by the 1999 participants, Cal Ripken Jr.’s home run in his final mid-summer classic in 2001 in Seattle. How about Marino Rivera a year ago in his home city, New York? OK, maybe not in his home ballpark, but we remember a year ago.

Now it’s the time of the Yankee Captain and a farewell goodbye, at least the continuation of it all. In the midst of the future’s game, the home run derby and the game itself, get ready to hear the words “Derek Jeter.”

Then again, if you don’t like the Yankees, next week might not be for you. But really, how can you not like Jeter?

Good enough to watch the All-Star Game.

Frank Sprankle

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