NCAA Basketball Tournament Marks Time to Root For The Underdog

It’s that time again, the madness. These days, people seem to scramble in order to fill out their brackets, only to have them torn-up in all likelihood by the end of the weekend. The NCAA Basketball Tournament proves as one of the most exciting events of the sports year, capped-off by the Final Four and Big Dance, the first weekend in April at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

What makes this event special, the opportunity to root for that small school, the unknown, the little guy.

Sure we know are Kansas’s, Kentucky’s and Duke’s; but every other year there’s that school that’s unknown. Case in point, your George Mason’s, Butler’s, Virginia Commonwealth’s.

Now, heading into the tournament, there might be that one school of rooting interest. A school, you became an alumni of, perhaps a school that you grew accustom to with family interest, or maybe you’re a fan of a practical head coach.

For me, the reason to watch the tournament is to see if a glass slipper can be dawned come the Final Four, in this case Indianapolis.

If that one school can make it, interest goes up and the NCAA Tournament can truly become the madness that we know.

Let’s just see if this can become a year for the little guy.


Frank Sprankle

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