NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Saves The Los Angeles Clippers         

Adam Silver might only have experience the power and privileges as NBA Commissioner for almost three full months now, but he recently became the most popular one, in a profession which the other league commissioners have its fans crying foul sometimes, if not most.

On Tuesday, the stake was delivered into the NBA heart of Donald Sterling, ban from the league for life, force to sell the Clippers and an exit fine of $2.5 million because of an audio recording that points have way across the globe probably have had a chance to listen. Be a racist, have it become public, reputation damaged forever.

While those might stand-up and cheer the verdict by Silver, let us understand this, he was cornered.

There was no other choice here, don’t discipline Sterling to the max, don’t expect your players to entertain. In fact, three NBA playoff contests were scheduled for later that night and in addition to the Clippers, the five other teams even considered showing support and the possibly of not playing might have become an unfortunate reality, might that is.

Then again, there was number one here. The Clippers themselves. Don’t ban Sterling for life, it goes beyond players not entertaining. It means free agents leaving, Doc Rivers departing and fan support hitting rock bottom. Then of course, we must think of the advertisers, those that use their own businesses to increase their profits by way of supporting an NBA team, in this case, the talented Clippers.

Now with Silver’s verdict, perhaps it’s only right that the sponsors rejoin their ties with the Clippers. Hey, Sterling’s gone, what more don’t you want?

Here’s what I want to know, what will Silver’s reaction when that one team receives the Larry O’Brien trophy? It will be June and a first for Silver. I think we won’t hear boos, unlike other commissioners’ who’s names end in Bettman, Selig and Goodell.

Frank Sprankle

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