Los Angeles Has Done Just Fine Without The NFL In 20 Years

Let’s face fact here, the NFL is coming back to Los Angeles. Not because Los Angeles needs the NFL, but the NFL needs Los Angeles. The league’s made on television and now two decades have pass since the US’s second biggest television market played host to a franchise, actually two.

Two might become a reality again, at least in the mind of Robert Kraft. The owner of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots believes that Los Angeles could once again house two teams as early as 2016.

If Kraft believes that this will become true, then it more than certain will happen.

Instead of speculating on who might move, let’s look back at the LA sports scene since 1994.

In all, LA has had a ton to celebrate. Including Anaheim, every professional sports league has at least one title in Los Angeles.

The Lakers have won five titles, there have been 3 Stanley Cups hoisted between the Kings and Ducks and the Angels raised the Halo higher than ever with the 2002 World Series championship.

In all, that’s nine professional sports championship for LA.

That’s an impressive mark, one that can almost equal Boston, which has 10 since 2001; the Patriots five Super Bowls, the Red Sox three World Series championships, the Celtics 2008 NBA Title and the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup.

Boston has had it all, Los Angeles had almost had it all, except the NFL. The exception seems to be making its way back.

Frank Sprankle

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