Late Playoff Start Times Are Wrong

There’s a few things I hate about the first round of the NHL Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs. One it’s the start of a season within itself, averaging two months. Post seasons should last only one month.

Secondly, the late start times. Case in point, anyone in the central time zone might have to wait until 8:30 at night to see their team. How wrong is that, 8:30, to paraphrase Helen Lovejoy on The Simpsons, “would someone please think of the children?”

Really, people have work or school the next day.

An example here, the Chicago Blackhawks/Nashville Predators series. To this point, it seems that every game has started at 8:30 for the audiences in the two team markets. Then Brent Seabrook ends the fourth game with a goal. A goal in triple overtime that ended at about 1:15, in the morning.

Now even if they game has started at 7:30, then it would have gone a quarter past midnight. But come on now, the NHL could have used CNBC or the NHL Network, which did not air games that night.

OK, I know this game would have still gone late, but it would allow some to begin watching this game.

Then again, television seems to control our lives.

Frank Sprankle

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