Johnny Manziel A Backup? A Test For Both Himself And Cleveland

For Johnny Manziel, it’s welcome to the NFL. For Cleveland, it’s welcome to reality. But in the end, each has one test in common, patience.

That’s the statement of Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam, who has made the claim that the 22nd overall draft pick out of Texas A&M, the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner and attention-seeking quarterback, who has to indeed earn the pilot spot at offense.

So Brian Hoyer is the Browns’ starting quarterback, at least for this offseason. A guy who in five NFL seasons has worn the uniform of three NFL teams, his first lasting for three years with the New England Patriots, a backup to Tom Brady.

Following 2012 with the Arizona Cardinals, he did spent 2013 in Cleveland, in a revolving door of Browns’ quarterbacks with the likes of Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.

So I guess the question is this; with what Manziel has accomplished, not to mention him being the second quarterback taken overall, why not plug him in come week one? Maybe this is the test that Manziel needs. If we are going to find out if Manziel has matured over the last couple of years, then now’s the time to prove it. Now’s the time to prove something, unlike allowing stuff to be handed to you, unlike his up-brining. If he proves himself come week one and Hoyer’s just not getting the job done in preseason, enter Manziel.

Truth is, I think Manziel will have the patience, question is what about those in Cleveland? That’s not going to be easy, these blue-collar sports fans don’t have patience. They want to see a foundation laid for any team to win a world championship and it’s their favorite team of all, the football Browns’ that they now invest all of their entertainment hope in.

Maybe Haslam’s comments will hold true with Manziel, but not with the people of Cleveland. Just ask the 1500 individuals who committed to purchasing Browns’ season tickets within 12 hours of Roger Goodell announcing Manziel’s name at number 22 overall. Why don’t we ask those that have since bought a Manziel Browns’ jersey, the highest selling among NFL draftees. Ask these people, they will probably tell you, patience, forget it.

Ask them about the Indians of recent decades, 1995 and 1997, remember Game 7 of the latter World Series.

How about LeBron and the 2007 NBA Finals and “The Decision.”

Maybe we should ask those, who remember “The Drive,” “The Fumble,” Art Modell and the 1964 NFL Championship Browns’ team, the last Cleveland sports team to taste world title success.

Ask them, patience is not a word in their vocabulary.

Frank Sprankle

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