Joe Maddon, Just What The Chicago Cubs Need

A week removed from the San Francisco Giants claiming their third World Series title since 2010, the baseball storylines have changed, and now managers rule the tale.

In the case of the Chicago Cubs, enter Joe Maddon. While Thanksgiving remains three weeks away, the fan-base has begun counting its blessings.

And why not, Maddon comes over from the Tampa Bay Rays, having established them as a credible ball club, something that could not be said a decade ago.

Nine seasons have passed and Maddon’s magic brought the Rays four playoff appearances, including the 2008 World Series. That season, plus 2011, he claimed the title American League Manager of the Year.

But even through it, the Rays are not drawing, the excitement lacks and they play in a facility you can’t even call a ball park.

Good choice by Maddon to change uniforms and leagues too. But also the opportunity to write the ultimate history.

The Cubs will enter 2015 having not claimed a World Series title since 1908, yes that’s even before Wrigley Field was built.

Now-a-days the Cubs are striving to build with young home-grown talent, hope to sign a big-name pitcher or two in the free agent market, and yes Wrigley Field is starting to become modern.

Still, with a young core that needs direction, the Cubs need Maddon. All you had to do to figure that out was listen to his press conference. He mention that the focus of every year he manages in two words “World Series.”

That’s something that this young and up and coming talent needs to hear. And why not, the Cubs managerial job has just become a revolving door, just look it up.

But the words “World Series,” before Maddon, not in the previous managers vocabulary.

Frank Sprankle

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