It Will Take Beyond 2014-15 For Cavaliers To Be Title Contender

Maybe Cleveland Cavaliers fans should take a page from Aaron Rodgers and just “relax.” Because it might take a couple of seasons before this team becomes actual hopefuls for an NBA Championship.

Perhaps improvement will come, but the question is how soon? When LeBron James took his talents back to the city on Lake Erie, it’s seems that everyone was getting on the championship bandwagon.

No so fast.

Remember, James did depart for Miami four years earlier, sure they had the players, but not the results. Lost in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks, although the next two years became the accomplishment.

In Cleveland, James might know the city, but there’s new players, even a new coach, who’s new to the NBA.

Even James admitted that the Chicago Bulls were the team to beat in the eastern conference. Maybe a concession to the 2014-15 season?

The fact is, James needs to get readjusted with Cleveland. The ultimate goal does not happen overnight, it’s a process.

He knows it, but do the fans know it?

Anyone who thinks otherwise, must have also thought the Browns would hold tops in the AFC North, with Johnny Manziel at quarterback.

Frank Sprankle

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