It Never Gets Old With The Kansas City Royals, It Just Gets Better

OK, I might have blogged on this before, but how I can a stop. That’s because the Kansas City Royals just won’t stop. Eight straight wins and they are playing now in the World Series, where they have not experienced since 1985, when they last won it, their only time.

Will 2014, be the second-go-around for a championship? That will start Tuesday at Kauffman Stadium in Game 1 against either the San Francisco Giants or the in-state rival to the east, the St. Louis Cardinals, who the Royals defeated 29 years ago for that title.

But let’s review the fact this Royals run. When breaking it down, it comes to clutch hitting and eye-catching defense.

In Anaheim, it was Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. Then Alex Gordon came through with the go-ahead long-ball Game 1 of the ALCS in Baltimore.

Certainly Lorenzo Cain deserved ALCS MVP honors based on his .533 average and defense that makes one realize that this guy can become a multiple Gold Glover for years to come.

For now he’s in the World Series and does so with a yearly salary of not even a million dollars. Cain’s 2014 pay amounts to $546,000.

This Royals squad, impressive in all fronts. Having needed to go through a one-game wild card playoff against the Athletics to advance to the divisional round, swept away, the MLB’s best team record-wise in the Angles and then brooming away the Orioles.

With the Royals, where do we begin to discuss the positives? How about they are the 2014 AL Pennant winners.

Frank Sprankle

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