Immortality Prevails Over Destiny In Glendale

As I mentioned heading into Super Bowl XLIX, the proper way to hashtag the New England Patriots/Seattle Seahawks clash was #ImmortalityVsDestiny. Wow, how one play could have possibly meant the word “destiny.” Instead, a half week later, how immoral are the Patriots. Their fourth Super Bowl claimed in 14 seasons, with one head coach, one quarterback, one interesting story.

The fourth story.

Not since Chuck Noll, who passed away last summer had any head coach achieved four Super Bowl titles. Of course, the memory of Noll and what he accomplished with the Steelers must have crossed the path of many minds after the Patriots win on Sunday. While Bill Belichick joins Noll as the only two coaches to have won four Super Bowls, both have remained true to the same team, Noll’s Steelers, Belichick’s Patriots.

How about the fact that both had only starting quarterback during each moment. Terry Bradshaw became the first, Joe Montana followed, now its Tom Brady’s turn to mingle with the likes of these two in a class even rare than the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a starting quarterback to win four Super Bowls, and with one team.

Then there’s the new class of Patriots who now won their first rings ever and there’s plenty. How times have changed from Feb. 2002 in New Orleans to Feb. 2015 in Glendale.

Speaking of “how times have changed,” what about the Seahawks. A year removed from Super Bowl champs, foreseeing the doorstep of a dynasty. Literally, on the doorstep. But we know that Pete Carroll has taken off anything involving the Patriots alleged Deflate Gate, with one bad call.

Truth is, the call was bad from the standpoint that you run the football, if not Marshawn Lynch, why not Russell Wilson?

Yeah, why not? He’s got the speed, perhaps a play action to Lynch, maybe Wilson uses his speed to bring it for six. I love trick plays. We see them a lot in the postseason.

The point is, run the football, Lynch’s power, Wilson’s speed, pick your poison.

Then again, maybe Malcom Butler should thank Carroll, not only does he have a championship ring, he has his named imprinted in Super Bowl lure.

Super Bowl XLIX, #ImmortalityOverDestiny.


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