From 1936 To Now, The Growth of The NFL Draft

It might not be an actually game, but in the end it is. It’s a game being played between all 32 teams in the NFL. It address needs and with only one purpose in mind, to lay the foundation for a Super Bowl winner.

That summarizes the NFL Draft.

In terms of popularity, who would have thought that in 1936, held in Philadelphia’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel that this annual event of ushering new talent who migrate north, not just in location but interest too.

Radio City Music Hall; New York, New York is the present.

Sure the NFL Draft has come a long way. For me, it took the five-part NFL Network documentary “Caught In The Draft” to realize this.

Then again, any program on the NFL Network is worth watching, this is no exception.

Chronicling the last five drafts in years ending in four’s, starting with 1964, that particular draft did not feature any live television coverage. The best bet was to check the next day’s paper and it did not take page-by-page, only a

column or two.

Hard to believe, 11 future Pro Football Hall of Famers would go and the coverage was little.

Will 11 future Canton bound players be drafted in 2014? We will know in 30 years perhaps, but the craze, the excitement, the two television broadcasts on the NFL Draft, who would have thought that in 1936?

Just enjoy the next three days.


Frank Sprankle

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