Five Take-Aways From Week One in the NFL

The first week of the NFL season is in the books and the results have left some fans shaking their heads in disbelief while others were fist-pumping and high-fiving. The Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts all started the season with losses when everybody thought they would win.

The Dallas Cowboys won in dramatic fashion when the New York Giants decided not to win even though the Cowboys did everything they could do for most of the game to let them have a victory on the road.

Here are the top five things I took away from opening weekend listed in reverse order.

  • Chip Kelly thinks he is still coaching at Oregon, and thought he had scheduled a Division II cream puff to start the season. This was obvious by his leaving DeMarco Murray on the sidelines when the game was winnable.
  • Sam Bradford quarterbacking the fast-paced Eagles offense is like putting diesel in a Ferrari. The system is fun to watch but the quarterback has to be able to run. Bradford just cannot. Opposing defenses do not even have to think about that, they can key on the running backs. Murray’s nine yards on eight attempts tells even the die-hardest Eagles fans they have a problem, and wishing they had gotten Marcus Mariota who almost out-rushed Murray in week one with six yards to his credit to go along with his four touchdown passes.
  • Peyton Manning may have finally been sacked by father-time. Even on a bad team he should get more than 175 yards on 24 completions, and the Broncos are not a bad team. Only time will tell.
  • Tony Romo despite never taking the snap until the play clock is almost at zero can still move his team and win games against all odds as long as he has Jason Witten to throw to, just ask the Giants. They are probably still thinking about that.
  • Adrian Peterson may be the Tiger Woods of the NFL. When you get caught doing something really stupid and try to change your ways, you just may never be the same, even if you were the best at what you did.

Peterson looked slow to make cuts, slow to hit holes, and he looked to go down easy compared to years gone by. He did however look like Tiger does on occasion when made a great spin move to gain eight yards on one run. Like Tiger however when he hits an amazing old-time shot, one good run won’t return you to greatness if you keep missing the cut. Attitude is everything when it comes to being the best, and Peterson last year, like Woods in 2009 found out he was human.

Of course these observations come after only one game and they could change as more games are played. Everyone has a bad day at work every once in a while, just ask Eli Manning.


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