Finding Ways To Enjoy Preseason NFL Games

At last the excitement builds greater. First the opening of training camps, now the exhibition games. OK maybe not quite the excitement. The truth is, it seems that many, if not all have come to miss football to the point that they will settle for anything.

In this case, watching late round draft picks and undrafted free agents take the snaps may not provide the best competition.

Well that’s only half of what preseason is all about. The other half is to get those regulars mentally ready. But then again, in watching them, they typically don’t give 100 percent. In this case, it’s all about physical then mental.

The latter half as mentioned, to figure out, the other part of the 53-man roster, who might be good enough for practice squad duties or who might not be good enough at all.

In all, enjoy the preseason and even to a point respect it. These games will involve certain individuals who are bubble players, hopes of leaving the outside and joining a 53-man roster. Hey, some of these guys are leaving careers to pursue a dream.

Then after the exhibition play, the reality of September 4, Packers at Seahawks.

Frank Sprankle

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