Dec. 29 Is Christmas, For Chicago Bears Fans

There’s a number of reasons why the NFL could apologize to us; roughing the passer calls that clearly aren’t, games in London, and the list goes on. That list needs to include the fact the NFL exposed the entire country to three straight weeks of the Chicago Bears.

The bad news club from the Windy City were featured on Thanksgiving against the Lions, then returned home for a Thursday night match-up with the Cowboys then this past Monday night, the Saints.

All three losses and rather embarrassing and that, Christmas will come to any Bears fan on Dec. 29, the Monday morning were they will wake-up and realize they don’t have to think about how many picks will Jay Cutler toss or how many yards will the defense yield?

They will think about the fact that the Bears will not have to lose next week.

Maybe they will wake-up and think, will the house be cleaned?

If it is, then everyone must go, including at the top. While new ownership would be the ultimate Christmas gift to any Bears fan, how about a new President and CEO. Ted Phillips might have done well in the accounting business, but being an accountant does not constitute running an NFL team. How about a football guy for the job? Just look at Phillips’s counterpart with the Denver Broncos, a mile-high legend, but John Elway happens to be a football guy.

Phil Emery signed Cutler to money beyond approach, for most of us. Then again, Cutler has done something that many have not, won a Super Bowl, or for that matter provide leadership.

Then there’s Marc Trestman, who has a calm approach, and that’s fine, it has worked elsewhere with other head coaches, the problem here, no discipline. Just watch the Monday night game against the Saints and see the penalties, even a fault start on a wide receiver. What was that?

Even if Tresman were to remain on, wholesale changes in his administration becomes a must. But wouldn’t that feel like a new coach has come in anyway? Then maybe a change from the top of the coaching change needs to become a reality.

For those that don’t know where Jimmy Clausen is these days, just watch the Lions vs. Bears game on Sunday, you’ll know.

Frank Sprankle

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