Cowboys vs. Falons

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Atlanta Falcons for half a football game yesterday 28-17. Joseph Randle was a one-man show or at least it seemed so. Brandon Weeden was good, not great, but he was getting the job done. The defense was flying to the ball and knocking the snot out of someone when they got to the ball carrier. Everything looked like Dallas would surprise everyone and win the game without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

Then the second half of the game started and things turned faster than Randle was hitting those gaping holes in the first quarter. The Falcons scored 22 second half pints and the Cowboys failed to even threaten to score another point in the game letting the Falcons fly home with a 39-28 victory.

What happened in the second half was disheartening if you are a Cowboy fan, and it should have been. Taking nothing away from the Falcons, they played well, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman led the on the ground and thru the air and in the end the Falcons deserved to win.

Five things that I took away from the game are as follows. Each one kind of preys on the one before it.

First and probably the biggest thing is that someone needs to tell the Cowboy coaches that even without Bryant, you should occasionally throw in the direction of the wide receivers. Did Terrance Williams even suit up?

Second if you don’t play the entire field the opposing defense playing has less ground to cover. Throwing to wide receivers along the sidelines is still legal.

Thirdly no trains or buses are allowed in football, so stop referring to Weeden as a bus driver or train driver. He is a professional quarterback and most NFL quarterbacks can throw a deep ball on occasion. Maybe he is just keeping the seat warm until Matt Cassel gets ready to take over.

Fourth and possibly the most important is that stretching an opposing defense out lets your running game flourish. This is testified to by the results in the first half before the Falcons figured out that Dallas was not going to throw to their wide receivers, and if they did it would be in the middle of the field and very near the line of scrimmage.

Lastly this is a game that everyone expected the Cowboys to lose and the Dallas coaches accepted that fact by not making any adjustments at the half and instead being happy with a moral first half victory that could have been a really big win. #JustSayin

J. Brackston

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