College Athletes In A Young, The Ride Has Just Begun


I guess it’s just an indication of the times we live in, welcome to the 21st century. That’s the case with the Northwestern football program, a close step to unionizing with the decision on the part of the National Labor Relations Board.

Of course, no college athlete would ever figure that his or her efforts to their institute of learning should merit financial rewards, but that was then and this is now.

The now is, how surprised are we that this decision has come into being, that a college football program wants to become part of a union? The answer, not really surprised at all.

The younger generation now is smarter than ever, has the desire to learn more and want to become better than those before them. Who knows if technology and the way we interact socially has something to do with this, but the fact is, younger people just continue to get smarter and smarter.

Which now brings me to Northwestern. Perhaps it’s only fitting that a university of such academic notoriety become the poster children for this movement. They might play in the Big 10, but until the 2012 season had not won a bowl game in 64 years, then again who knew that Northwestern actually had a football team until 1995 when they went to the Rose Bowl. That’s right, Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl in the 1995 season, not Ohio State or Michigan, the purple cats from Evanston.

However, if these student athletes, the football players of Northwestern truly are smart, now is the time to find out. If they want to become part of a union, what interest do they have in other colleges and universities? What about the other student-athletes beyond the gridiron and court, what help do they get?

Basically, what does the future hold for student athletes in general? The ride has begun.


Frank Sprankle

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