Cleveland Is Alive For A World Title Not Won For The City In 51 Years

Like it or not, the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached the Eastern Conference Finals. Overall, maybe it’s not a bad thing on one account, think of the city that the Cavaliers represent.

Understand this, Cleveland’s last championship game in 1964 in a game that doesn’t exist anymore against a team that doesn’t existed, at least in its city.

The 1964 NFL Championship Game against the Baltimore Colts, a 27-0 win at now-gone Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

It seems that two generations have passed without anyone from the city on Lake Erie not knowing what championship success is all about.

When LeBron James announced his return to the Cavaliers last summer, no one was quite certain just how long it would take for title contention.

That opportunity is now, not the next few years.

Even if LeBron’s disliked by a select few, think of Cleveland 51-year draught.

Frank Sprankle

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