Blown Out 100 Candles, Happy Birthday Wrigley Field


Only in Chicago Cub fashion would they celebrate a century of Wrigley Field with, of all things a disappointing loss. That was the case of Wednesday, April 23 as Chicago’s North Side baseball jewel turned 100. Only fitting, the Cubs leading 5-2 in the top of the ninth and at one point one out away from victory would yield five runs. In the end the Arizona Diamondbacks prevailed 7-5.

And as Wrigley’s 100th birthday was spoiled, it’s just a century of frustration. Cubs’ teams with losing records or great regular seasons in which you might think something special is about to happen, only to have your hopes crushed like   an opposition baseball about waiting to be thrown back from the bleachers to the field of play.

Aside from historic losing baseball, the 100th birthday was a home run hit by the Chicago Cubs’ organization. They honored four generations of ownership, actually five, considering a representative of the Bears, team president Ted Phillips was on hand, as the Monsters of The Midway called Wrigley Field home from 1921-1970.

While this marked a small fraction of the pregame ceremony, other aspects included the Northwestern Marching Band entertaining the crowd from short right-center field.

But on top of everything, Cubs’ and Bears’ legends who played at the fame intersection of Clark and Addison, gathered themselves on the infield.

Both the Cubs’ and even the Diamondbacks’ dawned the uniforms of the first two squads to ever play in the ballpark, now 100. While the Cubs’ did not play in Wrigley until 1916, the Chicago Federals of the two year Federal League became the original tenants. They played the first game there on April 23, 2914 and took on the Kansas City Packers. Only fitting, the Diamondbacks wear the uniform of the opposition, as they did, dressed in Packer baseball attire.

And thus, Wrigley Field has made it to 100, just as was the case with Fenway Park two years ago.

But with Wrigley’s 100th, take two things into consideration here.

Wrigley Field is the last ballpark standing that Jackie Robinson ever played in.

The next MLB ballpark in line to turn 100, will be Dodger Stadium. That would be a reality in 2062.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Wrigley Field. Now’s that time for a winner.

Frank Sprankle

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