Baseball On Independence Day, A Winning Combination

Our nation’s Independence, the 239th birthday of the USA. She’s looking finer than ever.

What comes to mine when I think of July 4th, all of the memories, especially baseball games. Growing-up, I attended plenty of baseball games, Cubs and White Sox, after all I’m from Chicago.

Then again, the best part about Major League Baseball is that it has its own holiday. This Independence Day, there’s baseball, nothing more, nothing less.

On Memorial Day, sure you have baseball, but NHL and NBA playoffs. On Labor Day, maybe a College Football game or two.

The fact is, the NFL has Thanksgiving, the NBA has Christmas Day, MLB has Independence Day.

Celebrate it, attend a game, perhaps fireworks will follow, they do in a number of ballparks with night games and enjoy.

Happy Birthday, the United States of America.

Frank Sprankle

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