Banks, Minoso, Leaving Impressions For Chicago, Baseball

Maybe a sad reality, but Chicagoans and Major League Baseball have another life to celebrity. First Ernie Banks, now Minnie Minoso has left us, having passed away on Sunday.

Many similarities between Banks and Minoso, one became known as Mr. Cub, one always known as Mr. White Sox. Both became the first blacks to take the field for their respective ball clubs. Both with lasting memories for more than just two baseball teams, but a city that has welcomed them with “board shoulders”

Still, there’s differences, and one resides in the Banks got into the Hall of Fame, but did not see a Cubs World Series title. The opposite for Minoso, who celebrated the 2005 achievement, the White Sox first title in 88 years, but no entrance into Cooperstown.

So what about the Hall of Fame. A strong argument there, hopefully it comes true, long overdue, but would now not be the same.

But just like Banks with the Cubs, Minnoso became a lifelong ambassador with the White Sox, always respected, always admired, and now forever claimed with memories for generations of fans.

Frank Sprankle

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