For the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels, the Real Season Starts July 20, 2012

The Texas Rangers or the Los Angeles Angels have won the American League West for five years. I see no reason why one of them will not extend that streak to six this year. The Rangers and the Angels are by far the best two teams in the American League West in my opinion.

The team that can win 95 games will probably end up winning the division.

The schedule appears to favor the Rangers. In April when most teams are still trying to find themselves. The Rangers have 9 games against the Eastern Division and 3 against the Detroit Tigers, the defending Central Division Champs. The Rangers play at the Boston Red Sox and at the Detroit Tiger, then come home to Arlington for three against the New York Yankees and three against the Tampa Rays.

The Angels play three against the Yankees and three against the Rays in April. That will give Boston and Detroit time to get settled in, this definitely favors the Rangers. The Angels play the Red Sox and Tigers in August, when both teams are likely to be playing their best baseball of the season.

Both teams should have good results in May, with what I consider softer schedules.

Interleague play starts in June this season, I personally think this favors the Angels. Albert Pujols is a walking scouting report on the National League, having just come over from the St. Louis Cardinals this past off-season. The A.L. West will be playing the N.L. West in interleague play this season. Even the travel schedule will favor the Angels.

In my opinion, July 20, 2012, is the start of the real baseball season in the A.L. West this year. The Rangers and the Angels will be playing 13 games in 12 weeks starting then. Seven of these games will be in Arlington, another edge to the Rangers. The team that wins the season series, will go on to win the West. The Rangers have won the last two pennants, the Angels the three before that.

This season is setup to be the best baseball watching season in a long time for Ranger and Angel fans. Both teams are really good, top to bottom. The only thing a fan could ask for is that the teams were in different divisions, making it easier for them to play in the American League Championship Series.

J. Brackston has been an avid Texas Rangers fan since they moved to Texas from Washington D.C… He has rooted for the good teams and bad teams, and watched 100’s of games at the old Arlington Stadium and The Ballpark in Arlington.