Month: January 2015

2015 NFL Honors Winners

FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay

Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh

AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, NY Giants

AP Offensive Player of the Year

DeMarco Murray, RB, Dallas

Salute to Service Award

Jared Allen, DE, Chicago

AP Coach of the Year 

Bruce Arians, Arizona

Art Rooney Award

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona

AP Defensive Player of the Year

Aaron Donald, DT, St. Louis

AP Assistant Coach of the Year

Todd Bowles, Arizona

Don Shula HS Coach of the Year

Bruce Larson, Somerset High School (Wisconsin)

Greatness on the Road Award

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas

AP Defensive Player of the Year

J.J. Watt, DE, Houston Fantasy Player of the Year

Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh

Deacon Jones Award

Justin Houston, OLB, Kansas City

AP Comeback Player of the Year 

Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England

Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year

Thomas Davis, LB Carolina

Bridgestone Performance Play of the Year

Odell Beckham Jr.’s one handed 43 yard TD catch

AP Most Valuable Player

Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay

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2015 NFL Hall of Fame Class

Jerome Bettis

L.A./St. Louis Rams: 1993-1996

Pittsburgh Steelers: 1995-2005

Junior Seau

San Diego Chargers: 1990-2002

Miami Dolphins: 2003-2005

New England Patriots- 2006-2009

Charles Haley

San Francisco 49ers: 1986-1991, 1998-1999

Dallas Cowboys: 1992-1996

Tim Brown

L.A./Oakland Raiders: 1988-2003

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2004

Will Shields

Kansas City Chiefs: 1993-2006

Mick Tingelhoff

Minnesota Vikings 1962-1978

Bill Polian– NFL GM

Ron Wolf– NFL GM

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Daily Links: Super Bowl Edition

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Highest Paid Players in the Super Bowl (Business Insider)

Could Super Bowl XLIX Make TV History? (Yahoo)

49 things to know about the Super Bowl (CBS Sports)



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Podcast for Friday January 30, 2015

In todays podcast we talk about the Super Bowl in all three segments.  In the first segment we discuss the Patriots and the Seahawks and in the final two segments we talk about some facts and figures from past Super Bowls.

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Super Bowl XLIX, #ImmortalityVsDestiny

It’s near, the 49th chapter of the biggest annual sports spectacular across the globe. And as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks go through a week of practice, media obligations, maybe for some an appearance or two, Glendale gets set to play host to its second Super Bowl, the third that the greater Phoenix area has hosted.

Lately, I have hashtag this as a match-up of #ImmortalityVsDestiny. Let’s look at the immortality side, the New England Patriots. A win and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady become only the second head coach/quarterback duo to win four Super Bowls together. They won their first three, have had two attempts to accomplish such an improbable feat, but we remember the last Super Bowl in Glendale and then Indianapolis four years later.

Not since the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s with the late Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw has a head coach/quarterback claimed four titles (No Joe Montana’s 1989 Super Bowl crown came with George Seifert as head coach, not Bill Walsh).

Which brings the destiny aspect of Super Bowl XLIX. How about the fact that the Seahawks would knock on the doorstep of a dynasty if they can defeat the Patriots. Perhaps no pressure to win next year (although no team has won three straight Super Bowls), but another title in this decade after a possible second would coin them, team of the 2010s.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time, the 49th chapter to be written within 100 yards of the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

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Podcast for Monday January 26, 2015

In today’s podcast we talk about some NFL and MLB news.  We had some technical issues with segment one, so there are only two segments today.

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It’s More Than Just A Few Football’s That Make Us Root Against The Patriots

Perhaps having the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl might be a good thing. Say what, a good thing, are you kidding me?

No I’m not.

In the wake of this apparent Deflate Gate, it gives us a villain, a bad guy, a heel heading into the Super Bowl.

But wait, there’s reasons not including any of this that might make you root against the Patriots.

Take into account, Spy Gate, the 2007 video taping of the New York Jets defensive coaches’ signals. We know it cost Bill Belichick cash, the New England Patriots cash and cost the team their first round draft pick.

Speaking of Belichick, don’t you want to see him lose? Say want you want about his success and the way he has run the locker room, let’s face it, this guy does not take losing well.

Oh well, we all lose in our life. Just take it, accept it, and deal with it.

Then there’s Tom Brady. Now Brady doesn’t bother me as much as Belichick, but realize this, he is truly living the life perhaps nine out of 10 men would only dream about, for just one day. Three Super Bowl rings, millions of dollars, why would you not want to live in his shoes for one day. Don’t forget his Supermodel wife, not just any supermodel, but Gisele clearly has become one of the biggest and richest of all time.

Face it, being Brady might go beyond great. How much more does this guy need?

What we need is the Super Bowl to get here soon.

Super Bowl XLIX, University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale Arizona, Feb. 1, 2015.

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks.


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Podcast for Monday January 19, 2015

In today’s podcast we talk about the AFC and NFC Championship games, we also talk about the NFL’s policy on hiring coaches and how it should be changed.

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Podcast for Friday January 16, 2015

In the first two segments of today’s podcast we preview the NFC and AFC Championship Games, and in the final segment we give our thoughts on the College Football National Championship Game.

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A Story No One Saw Coming, Ohio State National Champs

At last, we have made it through a college football season with a playoff. How interesting it was too. It seemed that you could have surveyed many, perhaps ten, and how many who have thought that Ohio State would beat Oregon? Maybe two or three of those people.

Let’s face it, Oregon was the favorite, they had the Heisman trophy winner, an explosive offense, not meant to be on Monday night in Arlington.

Ohio State had momentum on their side, crushing Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship then going into New Orleans and defeated Alabama, the BCS darlings.

Times have change, the BCS is dead, no more Alabama or SEC schools, at least for now.

The now is, Ohio State, a remarkable story. Cardale Jones, who heard about him in August? Safe bet if you study Ohio State football from top to bottom certainly, but in all probability, no one.

This guy has played in nothing but elimination contests, including Wisconsin in Indianapolis. Understand, if Ohio State doesn’t win, no Sugar Bowl, no shot at Arlington.

Then there’s Urban Meyer. After two national titles at Florida, and a health scare at one point, plenty accomplished. Following a brief stint with ESPN, why not make a run at it somewhere else. In his third season, he has turned a program in a completely different direction from what seemed not long ago, the tattoo parlor scandal.

But with Ohio State having captured the first ever college football playoff championship, do people in Columbus even remember it?


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