Month: August 2014

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Podcast for Friday August 29, 2014

In the first segment of today’s podcast we talk about last nights college football games as well as the games we are looking forward to on Saturday, in the second segment we talk about the strange week USC has had and we finish out the podcast talking about the NFL’s new policy on domestic violence.

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25 Years Later, Has The Time Come Or Not For Pete Rose

The gatekeeper in reinstating Pete Rose resides with one person. That’s Bud Selig, for the time-being, the commissioner of baseball. Yet through Selig’s tenure, he has said that the Rose decision has been quote “under advisement.”

Yet us face it, “under advisement” means not going to happen, at least on Selig’s watch.

With the late commissioner Bart Giamatti having issued the banned on Aug. 24, 1989, we can hope that 25 years and five months will end Rose’s exile from baseball. It will be this Jan. 24 of next year, that day Rob Manfred steps into the chief chair of MLB, and don’t think he will have to answer it. Manfred can’t hide behind the question.

But what would I do if I exchange places with Manfred on Jan. 24? That’s simple, the first act of commissioner in my first minute, a call to Rose, saying “Pete, welcome back to this great and historic institution that is Major League Baseball.”

OK, maybe Rose broke the Cardinal Sin, stated in every MLB club house, but did Rose taint the game? No, he made the game legendary, surpassing Ty Cobb, playing every game, not just like a seventh game of a World Series, but as if Rose would not play another game again.

That’s the way, any sport should be played, or a craft in one loves to do.

But Rose breaking the Cardinal Sin, goes beyond the issues that have hurt the pastime, the 1994 strike, and PEDs. So much has changed since 1989 and some of it, not for the better.

But if Alex Rodriguez will get another shot, come 2015, only fair that Rose gets the shot. Why not, we honor the records of former players that have used PEDs and even allowed some to continue into the game, i.e. Mark McGwire, currently the Dodgers hitting coach.

At least those records remain documented, so asterisk what-so-ever.

What it all comes down to, there’s no second Cardinal Sin of not cheating the game, which bigger than what Rose committed.

So for Rose, is it fair?

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Podcast for Monday August 25, 2014

In the first segment of today’s podcast we talk about the Little League World Series,  and in the final two segments we talk about the NFL.

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Podcast for Friday August 22, 2014

In today’s podcast we talk about whether its time for you to panic over the performance of your NFL team, we also talk about the San Francisco 49ers new stadium and we close out the podcast talking about our little league memories.

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With The Finger Gesture, Johnny Manziel Is One of A Kind

No surprise, it’s Brian Hoyer as the choice among the Cleveland Browns brass. Entering his six season, this veteran will take the snaps from center on the road against the Steelers.

Now Johnny Manziel must learn patience. But we are not going to learn to ignore his antics. They will continued to be covered. As what we saw in the preseason game Monday night against the Redskins, just on the outskirts of the capital.

What has become Johnny Football, became Johnny Finger and Johnny Bird after the infamous gesture towards the Redskins sidelines.

Truth is, Manziel is not going away, and in all probability, his way of doing things as well, although anyone can change.

But if not a change, I guess we should question, what will he do next?

Who knows, but I’m sure most will care.

Concerning that one finger raising on Monday night, not the best of all examples when it comes to leadership.

The Manning brothers have never done this, Brees the same, Rodgers likewise, you don’t even see Brady give that motion, and there’s plenty that don’t like Brady.

What about the young QB’s of this generation, the star attractions of tomorrow, Russell Wilson leads by example, while Colin Kaepernick, well no finger from him.

Question is, what does Manziel’s gesture of Monday night mean? A fine, well it should, but how about the continued long-term impact of defenses, wanting to mark Manziel?

Hey, he gets what he’s asking for. Then again, maybe it’s best that Manziel sits out. No drama and no markings of defense going after him.

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Podcast for Monday August 18, 2014

In the first segment of today’s podcast we talk about the cheating scandal at Notre Dame, then in the final two segments we talk some NFL.

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Podcast for Friday August 15, 2014

In the first segment of todays podcast we talk about the new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, in the second segment we talk about the NBA schedule and we close out the podcast talking about the NBA making All-Star Weekend longer for the players.

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Podcast for Monday August 11, 2014

In the first segment of today’s podcast we talk about Tony Stewart’s fatal accident on Saturday night, in the second segment we talk some NFL Pre-Season and we close out the podcast talking about some of our favorite Pro jerseys.

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Finding Ways To Enjoy Preseason NFL Games

At last the excitement builds greater. First the opening of training camps, now the exhibition games. OK maybe not quite the excitement. The truth is, it seems that many, if not all have come to miss football to the point that they will settle for anything.

In this case, watching late round draft picks and undrafted free agents take the snaps may not provide the best competition.

Well that’s only half of what preseason is all about. The other half is to get those regulars mentally ready. But then again, in watching them, they typically don’t give 100 percent. In this case, it’s all about physical then mental.

The latter half as mentioned, to figure out, the other part of the 53-man roster, who might be good enough for practice squad duties or who might not be good enough at all.

In all, enjoy the preseason and even to a point respect it. These games will involve certain individuals who are bubble players, hopes of leaving the outside and joining a 53-man roster. Hey, some of these guys are leaving careers to pursue a dream.

Then after the exhibition play, the reality of September 4, Packers at Seahawks.

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