Month: May 2014

The Second Year Charm When Hosting A Super Bowl


Baseball’s slogan of “If You Build It, They Will Come” may become recognizable as a line of one of the greatest movies to ever be made, but in football sense, “If You Build It, They Will Come,” chances here, the NFL awarding a Super Bowl.

That was recently true with the new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis, securing the rights for Super Bowl LII, come February 2018.

Once again, it’s a second year stadium becoming center attention for the big game. And it’s a continuing trend.

Let’s review NFL stadiums opening-up one year, then getting the Super Bowl come year two. First, Reliant Stadium in Houston, dawning for the expansion Texans in 2002, hosting Super Bowl XXXVIII the following year, Patriots over the Panthers.

Then came Super Bowl XLII, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. A stadium that opened for the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 and in February of 2008 featured the most memorable of the modern Super Bowls, perhaps the most memorable of all, with the New York Giants denying the Patriots a perfect season.

Jerry Jones did not get his wish as AT&T Stadium (then Cowboys Stadium) was awarded Super Bowl XLV in the 2010 season, the second for this NFL palace. Sure this palace hosted the Super Bowl, but not Jones’s Cowboys. The Packers defeated the Steelers.

Sandwiched between the stadiums of Glendale (this season) and Houston (2016 season) hosting their second Super Bowls comes Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California. This season marks the first year the 49ers will take to its turf and when the Super Bowl hits 50 next year, this will become its home.

In all, including Minneapolis, which hosted Super Bowl XXVI in January of 1992 at the Metrodome, won the Redskins over the Bills, five second-year NFL Stadiums will have achieved the rights to the annual sports spectacular on Earth.

This has shown that the league likes to welcome new venues with a bang and also reward teams for not making the NFL look bad by having teams relocate

I guess the next question we should ask, how about six perhaps. The Falcons are slated to move into a new facility in 2018, what about Super Bowl LIII in February of 2019 in Atlanta?


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T-Shirt Fundraiser

The Post Game Report t-shirt is finally available!!  The proceeds from the shirts will go to maintain the website and podcast.  If we reach our goal we will be able to buy new equipment for the podcast and help make the show better.  Click on the t-shirt to order yours today!!  Thank you for your support!!




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Podcast for Monday May 26, 2014

In todays podcast we talk about the Indy 500, in segment two we talk some NHL and NBA Playoffs and we close out the podcast talking about the NFL.

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Eastern Conference Finals Schedule

All games are on ESPN

Miami Wins Series 4-2

Game 1: Miami 96 @ Indiana 107 5/18 2:30 pm

Game 2: Miami 87 @ Indiana 83 5/20 7:30 pm

Game 3: Indiana 87 @ Miami 99 5/24 7:30 pm

Game 4: Indiana 90 @ Miami 102 5/26 7:30 pm

Game 5: Miami 90 @ Indiana 93 5/28  7:30

Game 6: Indiana 92 @Miami  117 5/30 7:30

Game 7: Miami @ Indiana 6/1 7:30*

* -If Necessary

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Western Conference Finals Schedule

All games will be on TNT

San Antonio Wins Series 4-2

Game 1: Oklahoma City 105 @ San Antonio 122  5/19 8 pm

Game 2: Oklahoma City 77 @ San Antonio 112 5/21 8 pm

Game 3: San Antonio 97 @ Oklahoma City 106 5/25 7:30 pm

Game 4: San Antonio 92 @ Oklahoma City 105 5/27 8 pm

Game 5: Oklahoma City 89 @ San Antonio 117 5/29 8 pm

Game 6: San Antonio 112 @ Oklahoma City  107 5/31 7:30 pm

Game 7: Oklahoma City @ San Antonio 6/2 8 pm *



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College Baseball Regional Host Sites

Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
Florida (Gainesville, Fla.)
Florida State (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Indiana (Bloomington, Ind.)
Louisiana-Lafayette (Lafayette, La.)
Louisville (Louisville, Ky.)
LSU (Baton Rouge, La.)
Miami (Miami, Fla.)
Oklahoma State (Stillwater, Okla.)
Ole Miss (Oxford, Miss.)
Oregon State (Corvallis, Ore.)
Rice (Houston, Tex.)
South Carolina (Columbia, S.C.)
TCU (Fort Worth, Tex.)
Vanderbilt (Nashville, Tenn.)
Virginia (Charlottesville, Va.)

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Women’s College World Series- Super Regionals

**UPDATED AT 10:25 pm ct on 5/25/14

Best of 3

1 Oregon 2

16 Minnesota 0


8 Florida State 2

Michigan 1


5 Florida 2

12 Washington 1


4 Georgia 0

13 Baylor 2


3 UCLA 1

14 Kentucky 2


6 La-Lafayette 2

11 Arizona 0


7 Oklahoma 2

10 Tennessee 1


2 Alabama 2

Nebraska 0

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Podcast For Friday May 23, 2014

In today’s podcast we talk about Mark Cubans comments, we also talk about some of the most embarrassing things NBA prospects said to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey, and we close out the podcast talking about the Redskins team name.

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What Postseason Sparks Your Attention, NHL or NBA

The question of what are you watching these days might be too obvious to ask. I guess the question that should be asked is what do you have more interest in, the NBA Playoffs or the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs?

To answer the first question, on my behalf and only that, both basketball and hockey have sparked my attention of course, but this year with my hockey team still in the tournament and my basketball team eliminated in the first round, the edge does go to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Can the Blackhawks repeat, claim the Stanley Cup for the third time in five seasons? That has built my anticipation these days.

Yes, I do remember way back when, 1992, the year when the Blackhawks and Bulls were in their respective championship rounds at the same time. The end-result was half and half.

Which brings me to the interest of this year’s playoffs. Perhaps the NBA reigns supreme, at least in the United States. However, the interest in the NHL postseason over the last few years might have its increase in popularity south of being north of the border.

A factor here, a strong national television contract with NBC, added-in with the emergence of high definition television, hockey has become popular to view.

But with the NBA, there are two cities being in a one-team market. That being San Antonio and Oklahoma City out of the Western Conference Finals.

Minor league hockey might exist in these two small, one-team markets, but in the end, how many people care about the final four in the NHL? Or for that matter to, in Miami? I’ll give those in Indianapolis some benefit of the doubt, close to Chicago.

Then again, how many people care about the Heat until playoff time? Warm weather means beaches and clubs, plenty to do year round. Truth be told, the regular season is just an exhibition for an expected postseason.

OK, maybe like me, the NHL and NBA postseasons interest you, but what league delivers the edge and why?

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Podcast for Monday May 19, 2014

In today’s podcast we talk about the NBA and we close out the podcast talking about ways to improve the NFL.  We had some technical difficulties with segment two, so there are only two segments today.

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