Month: April 2013

Podcast for Monday April 29, 2013

In todays podcast we talk about NBA player Jason Collins announcing he is gay.  We also talk about the NBA playoffs and the NFL draft.



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Podcast for Monday April 22, 2013

In todays podcast we talk about the Boston Bombings effect on sports in Boston, we also talk about some of the top NFL games of 2013 and we talk about some of the weeks biggest stories.


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NFL Draft Order Rounds 1-2


Pick Overall pick Team
1 1 Kansas City
2 2 Jacksonville
3 3 Oakland
4 4 Philadelphia
5 5 Detroit
6 6 Cleveland
7 7 Arizona
8 8 Buffalo
9 9 New York Jets
10 10 Tennessee
11 11 San Diego
12 12 Miami
13 13 Tampa Bay
14 14 Carolina
15 15 New Orleans
16 16 St. Louis
17 17 Pittsburgh
18 18 Dallas
19 19 New York Giants
20 20 Chicago
21 21 Cincinnati
22 22 St. Louis (from Washington)
23 23 Minnesota
24 24 Indianapolis
25 25 Minnesota (from Seattle)
26 26 Green Bay
27 27 Houston
28 28 Denver
29 29 New England
30 30 Atlanta
31 31 San Francisco
32 32 Baltimore
Pick Overall pick Team
1 33 Jacksonville
2 34 San Francisco (from Kansas City)
3 35 Philadelphia
4 36 Detroit
5 37 Cincinnati (from Oakland)
6 38 Arizona
Cleveland (exercised in 2012 supplemental draft)
7 39 New York Jets
8 40 Tennessee
9 41 Buffalo
10 42 Miami
11 43 Tampa Bay
12 44 Carolina
New Orleans (forfeited)
13 45 San Diego
14 46 St. Louis
15 47 Dallas
16 48 Pittsburgh
17 49 New York Giants
18 50 Chicago
19 51 Washington
20 52 Minnesota
21 53 Cincinnati
22 54 Miami (from Indianapolis)
23 55 Green Bay
24 56 Seattle
25 57 Houston
26 58 Denver
27 59 New England
28 60 Atlanta
29 61 San Francisco
30 62 Baltimore
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Top 25 NFL Games of 2013

This list is from the USA Today.  The Denver Broncos have 4 games in the top 5.  What do you think of this list?

1. Broncos at Colts, Oct. 20

2. Ravens at Broncos, Sept. 5

3. Broncos at Patriots, Nov. 24

4. Broncos at Giants, Sept. 15

5. Falcons at Saints, Sept. 8

6. 49ers at Seahawks, Sept. 15

7. Eagles at Redskins, Sept. 9

8. Texans at Ravens, Sept. 22

9. Falcons at 49ers, Dec. 23

10. Patriots at Ravens, Dec. 22

11. 49ers at Redskins, Nov. 25

12. Chiefs at Eagles, Sept. 19

13. Packers at Ravens, Oct. 13

14. Colts at 49ers, Sept. 22

15. Redskins at Packers, Sept. 15

16. Seahawks at Falcons, Nov. 10

17. Packers at 49ers, Sept. 8

18. Patriots at Texans, Dec. 1

19. Seahawks at Colts, Oct. 6

20. Saints at Patriots, Oct. 13

21. Steelers at Packers, Dec. 22

22. Dolphins at Patriots, Oct. 27

23. Bears at Packers, Nov. 4

24. Redskins at Vikings, Nov. 7

25. Steelers vs. Vikings, Sept. 29

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Podcast for Monday April 15, 2013

In todays podcast we talk about early surprises in the 2013 MLB season, we also discuss Alex Rodriguez buying documents from the Miami health care clinic, we also talk about the days top sports stories.


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Hollis Moore Interview

We have a special podcast today, we interviewed NFL Draft Prospect Hollis Moore from Lane College.  We talked about Hollis’ path from high school football to NFL Draft Prospect.



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Podcast for Monday April 8, 2013

In todays podcast we talk about the NCAA Tournament, we also talk about my rankings of NFL QB’s and we discuss some of the weekends top stories.


7 year old Jack Hoffman running for a 69 yard TD!!

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Josh Hamilton Still The Texas Rangers MVP on Opening Day at The Ballpark


The Texas Rangers opened the 2013 baseball season at home Friday afternoon before a sellout crowd, with a 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Angels. Unlike many sporting events that have so much pre-game publicity, this game lived up to the hype.

From the emotional first pitch by the father of Emily Parker, a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, to the last pitch by Ranger closer Joe Nathan who recorded his 299th career save, it was riveting. Josh Hamilton made his long-awaited return to Texas after trashing the hometown fans in a television interview earlier this spring. Hamilton was by far the MVP of the game as far as the Rangers were concerned on this afternoon.

Hamilton’s presence kept the crowd alive and energized all afternoon. Starting with the pre-game introductions the crowd booed Hamilton loudly and often. The crowd was cheering wildly for Ranger pitcher Derek Holland in the second inning, when Hamilton struck out on four pitches. Holland pitched well for the Ranger on this afternoon, giving up only six hits in seven innings while recording five strike outs.

A. J. Pierzynski drove in Nelson Cruz for the Rangers first run of the season at home on an extremely generous scoring ruling on what should have been a double to right. Hamilton misplayed the ball off the wall allowing Pierzynski to advance to third on what was ruled a triple.

In the third inning, Hamilton continued to be the “Old Josh”, striking out on three pitches with a man on first base. Again, after the strike out and while Hamilton strolled back to visiting dugout, the crowd loudly cheered for Holland.

In the fifth inning, after the Angels catcher Chris Iannetta singled following a single by Alberto Callaspo, Holland picked Callaspo off second base. 2012 Rookie of the year followed two batters later with a run scoring double. When Holland recorded the third out by getting Erick Aybar to hit a ground ball to Elvis Andrus stranding Trout on second base, again the crowd cheered loudly for Holland.

The start of the fifth inning gave Hamilton a chance to re-energize the crowd when he and Aybar allowed a Lance Berkman fly ball drop between them for a double. Nothing on the field came from it, but the crowd was re-energized by the opportunity to give Hamilton more grief. Adrian Beltre tied the game at 2-2 with his 1st home run of the season in the seventh inning, giving Holland a chance to leave the game after seven innings, with a 2-2 tie after a pitching performance exactly like the Rangers needed from him.

In the Rangers half of the eighth inning Craig Gentry singled to right in front of Hamilton, and then Gentry stole second base giving Ian Kinsler a chance to electrify the crowd. Kinsler singled to right with two outs, and again Hamilton helped the Rangers by one hopping the throw to the plate while Gentry slid head first in with the eventual winning run.

Yes, baseball is back in Arlington, and on this opening day an opposing player was the Most Valuable Player on the home team’s field. Hamilton going 0-4 while seeing only 10 pitches, striking out twice, committing an error that was generously ruled a triple, and then one hopping a throw to prevent the winning run all helped the Rangers win. More than all those things combined Hamilton energized the crowd and made them put last year’s collapse in Oakland that Hamilton was such a large part of, behind them. The fans of Arlington are baseball fans. They are knowledgeable and they know how to cheer and support a winner, and they know how to boo a quitter. Hamilton did that on the Rangers and their fans, and he deserved what he got Friday in Arlington and so did those fans.

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Yu Darvish Nearly Perfect

Yu Darvish almost made history last night, taking a perfect game into the ninth inning against the Houston Astros. Houston’s shortstop Marwin Gonzales broke up the perfect game with a hot-shot with two outs in the bottom of the ninth that went right between the legs of Darvish. To his credit, Darvish reacted like a true professional, smiling at the result, and tipping his hat to the crowd as he left the game.

While Darvish almost gave the Rangers the sixth no-hitter in the team’s history, he did give Ranger fans a look at what the season will be like. To win the American League Western Division, the Rangers will need good pitching, timely hitting, and some steady defense in the field. That is exactly what Darvish and his teammates gave fans last night.

Darvish made pitches when he needed to, striking out 14 Astros in his 8.2 innings of work. Elvis Andrus added some timely hitting with two triples, Craig Gentry added a triple, and a double, Ian Kinsler hit his first home run of the season, and DH Lance Berkman went 3 for 4 while driving in two runs.

The game last night was exactly what Ranger fans should expect this season. Yes, there will be some home runs along the way, but mostly it will be timely hitting and speed on the base-paths backing up good pitching that carries the Rangers to the pennant.

Not every game will feature a pitching performance like the outing Darvish turned in last night, and Ranger hitters will not get six extra base hits every game that is a fact of baseball. Ranger fans do have a fun season to look forward to, this style of baseball is exciting. Yu Darvish showed us all that last night, and I along with all the fans at the game, stood up and clapped as he left the game last night.

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Podcast for Monday April 1, 2013

In todays podcast we talk about the NCAA tournament, and opening day for MLB.  We also talk about an article from the Orlando Sentinel that says the Heisman Trophy should not be given to a Freshman.  We also talk about the NL doing away with the DH.


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