Month: August 2012

Podcast For Friday August 24, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about Performance Enhancing Drugs in MLB,  the Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg, Roger Clemens making a comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters, MLB umpire Jim Joyce saving a fans life after a heart attack and the idiotic comments made by Skip Bayless.




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2012 Tailgating Guide to Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium

Attending a Dallas Cowboys game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is more of an event, rather than just a game.

America’s Team has a storied tradition, including five Super Bowl victories, 20 winning seasons in a row, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and a fantastic new stadium to call home. Like everything else the Cowboys do, they have taken tailgating to a whole new level for their fans.

Cowboys fans who just attend a football game are missing out. Sure, the stadium is state of the art. The 50 yard overhead television like-screen is in its own right, a sight to behold. Outside the stadium, is where the event starts for many fans. Tailgating at the Cowboys games is such a big thing, there are Facebook groups, websites, and tailgating clubs that almost make the game seem like part two of a football double-header event.

Here, is a guide to help fans through their first tailgating experience at Cowboys Stadium.

Venue: Cowboys Stadium

Playing Surface: Artificial Turf

Year Opened: 2009

Super Bowls Hosted: 2011, Green Bay Packers 31 Pittsburg Steelers 25

Tailgating Start/Finish Times: The parking lots open five hours before game time. Everything must be cleaned up and removed by two hours after the game ends.

Tailgating Areas: Parking lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 have designated tailgating parking spaces. Tailgating is prohibited in parking lots 3 and 9, with limited tailgating in lots 5 and 6. For a map, of all parking lots, click here. Each vehicle must have a valid parking permit. The saving of parking spaces is prohibited, and vehicles may not be parked on the grassy areas. Tents, chairs, tables, and tailgating equipment must be set up on the grassy areas lining the edges of the lots.

Open Flames Prohibited: Open flames of any kind, are not permitted. No cooking with oil or deep fryers is allowed. Charcoal and gas grills are permitted but only on the grassy areas along the edges of the lots. A container for hot coals to be disposed of properly is available on each lot.

Alcohol Permitted: Alcohol is permitted in the tailgating areas, but may not be taken into the stadium. All alcoholic beverages must be finished upon entering the stadium.

Personal Experience and Tailgating Tips: Arrive early, the stadium and surrounding lots total 30,000 spaces, including Rangers Ballpark lots, and they fill up quickly. Get there and find out your forgot something, no problem, a Wal-Mart Supercenter is directly across the street from the stadium. There is no parking for the game, or tailgating in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Tailgating is much more fun along the streets closer to the stadium and the other fans. Do not be afraid to ask the parking attendants, they will point out the best areas in each lot. Interacting with other fans is possibly the most alluring thing about tailgating. This is where you make friends with other Cowboys fans and fans of the visiting teams.

Be friendly, everyone wants to have a good-time. Harassing the fans of the visiting teams is not allowed and is subject to being escorted off the lots by security. Promotional activities or sale of products of any kind is not allowed. Political statements or demonstrations are not permitted.

For more information on tailgating and tailgating groups, visit the following sites:

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Podcast for Monday August 20, 2012

In todays podcast we talk  about the NY Jets and Tim Tebow, the AP Top 25 and my 5 Overrated teams and Chad Johnson.





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Podcast for Saturday August 18, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about King Felix’s perfect game, Melky Cabrera’s 50 game suspension, NFL replacement refs and some misc. sports stories.


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Why Cheerleading is not a Sport, but Cheerleaders are Athletes

Anna Watson


Cheerleading, is it a sport or not? This question has been argued for years. Last week a federal judge in the 2ndU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it was not a sport. Like every other thing a judge rules on, there will be those who accept the ruling and those who will disagree.

In the opinion of this writer, the question cannot be answered without first defining what constitutes a sport. Without doubt, there are exhibitions and competitions of athletics that would not be a sport in the true sense of the word.

In my opinion to be classified as a sport, the competition must include the following elements.

1. There must be a competition between two or more contestants.

2. There must be a clear and defined winner.

3. The performance of one contestant must be able to be directly affected by the performance of another contestant.

4. There must be a scoring system where the contestants, not third parties determine the winner.

Without the presence of these four elements, the competition would go from being a sport, to being more simply, an athletic completion. The participants would without doubt be athletes, having to demonstrate skill in whatever the activity might be, but the act itself would not fall under the title of being a sport.

This in my opinion would not be limited to just cheerleading. Gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming, and many other competitions would also be classified as athletic competitions, but not sports in the true sense of the word.

Cheerleaders, as well as gymnasts, and divers have exceptional athletic abilities, taking years of training and dedication to perfect. I would in no way dismiss these individuals as athletes. There just simply is not the one thing, in my mind, that would constitute a sport. That thing, being an opponent who can change the outcome of your performance.

There are other activities that some consider sports, in reality, I would consider games or activities rather than sports. Golf, bowling, hunting, fishing, and darts are some examples. These games or activities all require some level of athletic skill, but your opponent cannot directly change your performance, unless hunters and fishermen consider a deer or fish their opponents.

What cheerleader would want to be atop a pyramid, if she or he knew another team was fixing to go flying into her teammates? What gymnast would like to be on a beam, if she or he knew someone else was going to try knocking them off? What golfer could concentrate on hitting a golfball, if he knew an opponent was fixing to level him or her? Would a hunter still hunt, if others were shooting at him?

My point is, to classify as a sport, not a competition, game or activity, your opponent must be able to change your performance. In cheerleading this just does not apply. Therefore, cheerleading is not a sport, it is an athletic competition in my opinion.

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Podcast for Wednesday August 15, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about our favorite Olympic moments, should the USA and Canada hold a joint Olympics and recap Week 1 of the NFL Pre-Season.


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Josh Hamilton Tries To Impress The Texas Rangers and New York Yankees This Week

The Texas Rangers are starting a four game series with the New York Yankees tonight in New York. The series matches the top two teams in the American League in what could be a preview of the League Championship Series.

The Yankees are without ace pitcher C.C. Sabathia, who is nursing a sore elbow. Tonight they will send David Phelps out to the mound, with the Rangers countering with newly acquired pitcher, Rick Dempster. I looking for Dempster to settle in and be the pitcher the Rangers need him to be down the stretch. Phelps, on the other hand, will want the Ranger hitters will add to his strikeout total, where he has averaged one strikeout per inning over his career.

The Yankees come into the series with a 67-47 record, going 6-4 over their last ten games. The Rangers, 67-46, come into the game with a 7-3 record over the last ten games, including a weekend series win 2 games to 1 over a team much like the Yankees, the Detroit Tigers.

The Yankees are quite capable of scoring runs they are the only American League team with a better run differential than the Rangers, having outscored opponents by 97 runs. The Rangers have scored 82 more runs than their opponents, falling back to earth a bit from the torrid pace they had been on earlier in the season.

Josh Hamilton, the focus of much of the Rangers lack of production in June and July, has started to turn things around. In his last 10 games, Hamilton is hitting .357, and showing signs of finding his power swing again. Hamilton has hit three homers and driven in 15 during the 10 game-span. He has also limited his strikeouts to nine, while taking four walks.

Hamilton being in the last season of his contract with the Rangers could do himself an enormous favor this week in New York. Hamilton with a strong showing at the plate, combined with limiting the seemingly untimely mental lapses by swinging at bad pitches can accomplish two things.

First and foremost Hamilton can show the Rangers they should sign him long-term if they want to continue competing with the Yankees for the league championship each year. Secondly, it would give the Yankees a clear idea what he could do in Yankee Stadium, should he decide to test the free-agent market and talk to them this coming off-season.

The Yankees as a team are getting older and as always looking to retool. Hamilton maybe that next superstar they will need to build a team around. The Rangers need Hamilton to stay in Texas. He gives them a legitimate hitter in the three spot of the batting order. Hitting behind Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus gives Hamilton plenty of chances to collect RBIs, and hitting in front of Adrian Beltre, keeps teams from pitching around him.

Hamilton just needs to stay focused and hit the ball this week, it will do the Rangers a world of good, and it could bring him even bigger money at the end of the season.

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USA Basketball Men’s Schedule



All times are Central Standard Time.

USA 98 vs. France  71 (Sunday, July 29 – 8:30 a.m.)

USA 110 vs. Tunisia 63 (Tuesday, July 31 – 4:15 p.m.)

USA 156 vs. Nigeria 73 (Thursday, August 2 – 4:15 p.m.)

USA 99 vs. Lithuania 94 (Saturday, August 4 – 8:30 a.m.)

USA 126 vs. Argentina 97 (Monday, August 6 – 4:15 p.m.)

Quarterfinals (Wednesday, August 8 – 4:15 p.m.)

USA 119 vs. Australia  86

Semifinals (Friday, August 10)

USA 109 vs. Argentina 83

Finals (Sunday, August 12 9:00 a.m.)

USA 107  vs. Spain 100

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Podcast for Friday August 10, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about the Dwight Howard trade, the NFL, the first female NFL ref and LSU dismisses the Honey Badger.


Dwight Howard Trade


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NFL Pre-Season


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Misc. Sports Stories


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Dog Days of August are a Sports Fan’s Paradise

The dog days of August have turned into an incredibly exciting time for sports fans. Like leap year, every four years the Summer Olympics come along and offer sports fans the world over a reason to cheer. There are stories of athletes winning and losing that capture the hearts of so many. For 17 days, the world comes together and seems to forget so many of the problems that normally take center stage.

People who are typically too busy to pay attention stop and take notice. Swimmers, gymnasts, runners and divers capture the spotlight, giving the people of their countries something to rally around, to root on to victory. Spectators will find people cheering for someone that they may never have heard of, but now hold dear to their heart.

Watching someone like Michael Phelps win medal after medal on his way to becoming the greatest Olympian of all times, restores hope and pride in their fellow countrymen. Looking on as a young Gabby Douglas wins the gold medal, brings new hope to every little girl who has taken her first gymnastics class. Watching as a double amputee like Oscar Pistorius realizes his dream of running in the 400 meter race, brings a swelling of pride to sports fan around the world.

For sports fans, there is even more going on than the Olympics. This is a time when sports of all kinds start to ramp up. The NFL season has started with the New Orleans Saints beating the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame Game, 17-10.

College football is about to kick off another season, trying to put behind us the mess that was Penn. State. Stadiums will be sold-out with tailgating a way of life in stadium parking lots all over the country. Marching bands will be playing the fight songs while cheerleaders will be doing flips and cheering on teams attempting to become the National Champions.

High schools everywhere will be running out new teams with new dreams onto fields in every little town across the nation. Dreams will be born, and some will be crushed along the way, but every player will be a winner for being a part of something special. Years down the road, they will gather at class reunions and rehash those moments of glory.

Baseball will begin winding down. Pennant races will take hold and capture the attention of us all. The playoffs and World Series will take place, and a new champion will emerge.

Most of all, in the minds of many, will be the start of Fantasy Football. When the out of shape, the ones with no athletic skills to speak of gather for parties and drafts, in living rooms and bars as far as the eye can see. Stories of last season’s triumphs and failures will bring laughter and jeers from your peers. Leagues with history, built on friendship, where the competition will be fierce, and money will change hands. The bragging rights will far outweigh the money, but nothing can compare to finding that one sleeper that everyone else over looked.

Yes, the Olympics are renowned, winning the World Series is revered, having won the Super Bowl is impressive, and being National Champions in college is life-long, all great accomplishments. Winning your fantasy football league is like standing on that medal podium holding up your own gold medal, your own Super Bowl trophy, your own World Series trophy, and your own BCS trophy all at the same time.

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