Month: May 2012

WCWS Schedule for Thursday May 31, 2012

The WCWS field is set and play begins on Thursday May 31 in Oklahoma City.  Here is the schedule:

South Florida 1

4 Oklahoma 5



1 California 5


7 Tennessee 3

2 Alabama 5


11 Oregon 1

3 Arizona St. 3


*All times central

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2012 NBA Draft Order

Tonight was the NBA Draft Lottery, here are the results of the lottery plus the rest of the 1st round.

1. New Orleans

2. Charlotte

3. Washington

4. Cleveland

5. Sacramento

6. Portland (From Brooklyn)

7. Golden State

8. Toronto

9. Detroit

10. New Orleans

11. Portland

12. Milwaukee

13. Phoenix

14. Houston

15. Philadelphia

16. Houston

17. Dallas

18. Minnesota (From Utah)

19. Orlando

20. Denver

21. Boston

22. Boston (From LA Clippers via OKC)

23. Atlanta

24. Cleveland (From LA Lakers)

25. Memphis

26. Indiana

27. Miami

28. Oklahoma City

29. Chicago

30. Golden State (From San Antonio)

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Podcast for May 29, 2012

Sorry for the delay in posting the podcast, but we had technical difficulties that delayed the posting of the Podcast.  In todays podcast we talk Thunder vs. Spurs and  Heat vs. Celtics.  We also discuss Josh Hamilton’s great year and finish the podcast off by talking about pro athletes who also served their country.

Thunder vs. Spurs, Heat vs. Celtics


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Josh Hamilton


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Athletes who severed their country


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The Next Ten Games Crucial To The Texas Rangers Season

The Texas Rangers have a 6.5 game lead on the Los Angeles Angels going into tonight’s game with the Seattle Mariners. Had someone offered a Rangers fan, at the beginning of the season, that come Memorial Day the Rangers would be up by that margin, every Ranger fan would have said yes, but wanted more.

The Angels are heating up, winning seven of the last 10 games. More importantly, Albert Pujols is getting hot, batting .321 with 4 home runs in the last seven games. We all knew Pujols would eventually start hitting, that is what great hitters do, they slump, they come out of it, and they can carry the team.

The Angels play three games against the New York Yankees before the Rangers get to town. The Yankees are also playing good baseball right now, they go into Los Angeles riding a five game winning streak, having just swept the Oakland A’s in a three game weekend series, in Oakland. New York will be sending Phil Hughes to the mound against Jered Weaver Sunday night, Andy Pettitte against Dan Haren on Tuesday, and finish the series on Wednesday with Ivan Nova against Ervin Santana. I anticipate the Angels to win Game One behind Weaver in a pitching duel, the Yankees to win Game Two behind Pettitte who has made two really good starts in a row, and Game Three to be a slugfest, hopefully depleting the Angels bullpen before Texas gets to town.

The Rangers hopefully will continue to enjoy the friendly confines of the Ballpark in Arlington, sweeping the Mariners. Had the last series between the Rangers and Mariners been in Arlington, the Rangers would have won at least two of those games, instead of losing two. Several of the balls the Rangers hit would have been home runs in Arlington, in Seattle they were just long fly ball outs. With a sweep here at home and the Yankees winning at least one, maybe two games in Los Angeles, the Rangers could get to town with a 7.5 or 8.5 game lead, putting all the pressure on the Angels.

Yes, the next ten games are crucial, win seven or eight of them and the Rangers will be sitting pretty heading into interleague play against the Arizona Diamond Backs, the Houston Astros, the San Diego Padres, and the Colorado Rockies, with only the Padres not visiting Arlington.

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Softball Super Regionals 5/27/12 (UPDATED 1:00 am)

Here is the schedule for the WCWS for Sunday May 27, 2012.  All 8 teams have  qualified for the WCWS in Oklahoma City and they are Alabama, Arizona St., Oklahoma, Oregon, California, LSU, South Florida and Tennessee.


Series tied at 1-1

7 Tennessee 0

10 Georgia 1


Tennessee wins series 2-1

10 Georgia 1

7 Tennessee 2


Series tied at 1-1

9 Missouri 5



California wins series 2-0

1 California 2

16 Washington 0





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Softball Super Regionals 5/26/12 (UPDATED 10:30 pm)

Here is the schedule for Saturday May 26, 2012.  So far 5 teams have qualified for the WCWS in Oklahoma City.  They are Alabama, Oregon, Arizona State, Oklahoma and South Florida

Tennessee leads series 1-0

10 Georgia 2

7 Tennessee 3


Oklahoma wins series 2-0

4 Oklahoma 7

13 Arizona 1


South Florida wins series 2-1

South Florida 2  2

Hofstra 1  1


Oregon wins series 2-1

6 Texas 4   6

11 Oregon 5   10


LSU leads series 1-0


9 Missouri 1


9:00 ESPN 2

16 Washington 39-17

1 California 54-5

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Softball Super Regionals 5/25/12 (Updated @ 2:00 am)

Here are the WCWS games for Friday May 25, 2012

Oklahoma Leads series 1-0

13 Arizona 0

4 Oklahoma 6


 Alabama wins series 2-0

2 Alabama 4

Michigan 3


Hofstra leads series 1-0

Hofstra 2

South Florida 1


Texas leads series 1-0

11 Oregon 2

6 Texas 4


Arizona St. wins series 2-1

3 Arizona St. 9 8

14 Louisiana 2 0

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Press Row Central Podcast for 5/25/12

On todays podcast we talk about Stan Van Gundy being fired from the Orlando Magic as well as some Dwight Howard trade rumors.  We also talk some Indy 500 and Coco Cola 600.

Stan Van Gundy, Orlando Magic, and Dwight Howard rumors.


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Coco Cola 600 and the Indy 500


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OKC Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, and Minnesota Vikings


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Division 1 Softball World Series Schedule

The WCWS starts tonight at 7pm.  There are 8 super regionals with each regional being a best of 3 series.  The winners of each regional will advance to the College World Series in Oklahoma City.  Be sure to check back each day for updated scores and schedules!

@ Alabama 7  pm CST

Michigan 1

2 Alabama 4

Alabama leads series 1-0

@ Arizona St. 9 pm CST

14 La.-Lafayette 6

3 Arizona St. 0

La.-Lafayette leads series 1-0

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Texas Rangers Fans Living The Good Life

Texas Rangers fans are living the good life, as far as baseball fans are concerned. The Rangers are in 1st place, in the American League West, they are fun to watch, and they look like the only team that could keep them from making the playoffs, are themselves.
Josh Hamilton is doing just what he should do in a contract year, leading the league in almost every offensive category that matters. Hamilton is currently hitting .389, with an OBP .442, is slugging .785, has 18 homeruns, 47 RBI, and has an incredible .1227 OPS. Rumor has it Nolan Ryan will be backing the Wells Fargo truck up to Hamilton’s house if he wants the outfielder to stay in Texas after this season.

Not to be overlooked is the play of some of the other Rangers. Elvis Andrus is making Jon Daniels look good. Daniels may have looked like the bad guy a couple of years ago asking Mike Young to make way for Andrus, but the move has worked out, and Daniels is looking good right now. Andrus is playing like an All-Star, not just in the field, but with his bat. Andrus is hitting .325, with 69 total bases on the season, and holding his own with a .400 OBP.

Yu Darvish is everything the Rangers could have hoped for, going 6-1 in his first eight starts as a Ranger. Averaging more than a strikeout per inning shows one of two things for Darvish, either he has really good stuff, or the batters cannot figure him out yet. Either way it is good for the Rangers, Darvish and the Rangers fans. Another good thing for the Rangers, ticket sales for the games Darvish takes the mound are holding steady and hard to get. This is an example of the good work Jon Daniels and the Rangers front office are doing.

May has been a little tougher than April on the Rangers, but that was to be expected. No team in baseball has ever won more than 116 games in a season, and Ranger fans had begun to expect the Rangers to win them all. The reality of baseball, that is just not going to happen. Here, we sit on May 21st, and the Rangers have a five game lead on Oakland in the division, and the free-spending Los Angeles Angels are eight back.

The next 16 games may say more than the first 42 have, 13 of those games are against the West. If the Rangers keep up the pace, June 7th maybe the start of some really good players becoming available from the other three teams in the West. Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles will have to start looking at dumping salary and preparing for the 2013 season if the Rangers can get the lead in the division to double digits, and the Rangers are capable of doing that.

Yes, Ranger fans are living the good life right now, with the roster Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan have put together, I see little reason to expect Josh Hamilton not to be a part of that roster for years to come. If Hamilton continues on to win the Triple Crown, what better way for Ranger fans to celebrate, than with a World Series Championship, and a long term deal for Hamilton.

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