Year: 2012

Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins Renewing The Rivalry

The Dallas Cowboys start the playoffs this Sunday, December 30, 2012, against the Washington Redskins. While the game is the final regular season game of the 2012 season, it is a playoff game. The loser will be eliminated, and the winner goes on to the playoffs as the Eastern Division champion of the NFC.

When the season started few would have thought the Redskins and Cowboys would be in this position. The New York Giants entered the season as the favorite to win the east, and Philadelphia had to be considered New York’s biggest threat. Sure there were die-hard Cowboy and Redskin fans that would point out their teams had a chance to be special, but even Las Vegas thought there was little chance. Going into the regular season, Vegas had the odds of either team winning the Super Bowl set at the Cowboys at 25 to 1 and the Redskins at 100 to 1.

Well as the season finishes up this Sunday things have changed. The Eagles quit a month ago. They have been a mess all year. The team with arguably the most talent fell flat on their face, and Head Coach Andy Reid will probably be fired after the season is officially over. The Giants fought injuries all season and the defense just never played well for more than a game at one time.

The Redskins have found new life in the last six weeks of the season. The Redskins were left for dead six weeks ago.  Mike Shanahan made the comment that players were playing for their jobs for next year during a press conference six weeks ago. The players must have been listening that day because the team has rallied and won the last six games going into Sunday. One of those games was a Thanksgiving Day win over the Cowboys, 38-31 in Arlington.

The Cowboys have also had a resurgence the second half of the season. Tony Romo and the offense have come alive. The offensive line seems to have gotten better at giving Romo time to throw, and Romo has responded by throwing 10 touchdowns in the last four games. During that span, Romo threw only one interception while compiling 1328 yards through the air.

Dez Bryant has been an absolute beast, playing with an index finger awaiting surgery after the season. Bryant has finally played up to expectations. During the last four games, Bryant has caught 23 passes for 441 yards; more importantly six of those catches have gone for touchdowns.

So here we are going into the final game of the regular season, and Cowboys and Redskins fans are going back to the future. During the ‘90s, no two teams hated each other as much as these two. Fans who had never met hated each other based on the jersey color.  Then came along Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, they so dominated the Redskins during the decade of the ‘90s the rivalry lost some of the intrigue. That domination was so one-sided with no end in sight some say it drove Joe Gibbs into retirement.

This Sunday, the rivalry becomes officially renewed. The winner will have bragging rights, the Eastern Division Championship and a trip to the playoffs. The loser will have another off-season to regroup, make tee times, and become a spectator. Hopefully the winner will go on to make a miracle run to the Vince Lombardi trophy. The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry of the ‘80s and ’90 meant something unique to the fans. Today’s Cowboys fans need to experience the rivalry the way it was meant to be.

Yes, I know Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris along the rest of the Redskins are people and just doing their jobs. I know the Cowboys will have to play a perfect game to go into Washington and leave with a win. I know if they play as they have been, that can happen. I know the Redskins are going to do everything they can in order to prevent that from happening. I know that at kickoff time, I am going back to the ‘80s and ‘90s, I am going to hate the Redskins, their fans, the city, everything about them until the game is over and Dallas leaves with a win.

I think Dallas will win. I think Romo will finally make people forget the fumble on that extra point in Seattle. I think Dez Bryant will make people say wow. I think the defense will be just good enough, and I think the rivalry will be reborn. I only have one hope for the game, that I do not have to hear Bob Costas make a speech about anything but football.

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Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels to Smart to Re-Sign Josh Hamilton


Josh Hamilton signed a five year contract with the Los Angeles Angels last week. The only thing to say is good for him, good for his family, good for the Angels, and more importantly good for the Texas Rangers. I intentionally waited a week to write about Hamilton and his signing with the western division rivals. Make no mistake, I did not delay writing because of bitterness, I personally wanted Hamilton gone prior to last season. I simply waited for all the knee-jerk reactions to settle down, and give Hamilton time to do interviews exposing his true self.

Last year, when local NBC Sports Anchor, Newy Scruggs asked Hamilton if he owed the Texas Rangers anything, Hamilton answered with, “I don’t feel like I owe the Rangers anything.” Hamilton went on to prove that during the season. Yes, there were moments of greatness, those moments were far overshadowed by moments of complacency.

162 times this past season, Hamilton struck out. Many of those times he swung meekly at the third strike and casually strolled back to the dugout with a smirk on his face. Many major league batters strike out, that is not the issue I have with Hamilton. My issue is giving up at bats, essentially just quitting on your team, your teammates, the fans, and most importantly himself.

How many times have you seen other major league hitters get behind in the count, then foul off several pitches before striking out? While still an out, those batters at the least make the opposing pitcher keep making pitches. They keep fighting for their team, for themselves, they keep trying.
Hamilton left the Rangers long before he signed that contract with the Angels. He left them several times this year. He took a week off using blurred vision from not having caffeine as an excuse, he took off June and July, hitting .223 in June and following that up with a .177 average for July. Had Hamilton showed up in either of those months, the Rangers would have won the west and went to the real playoffs for the third year in a row.

The last game of the season with Oakland, the game where Hamilton dropped a fly to finish handing the Oakland A’s the western division title, would have been meaningless had Hamilton played June and July like a professional. The three games that meant the most to the Rangers this year, the last two with Oakland and the wildcard game with Baltimore, Hamilton batted .156 and struck out six times in 13 at bats.

The Angels and their fans will embrace the talent, and the potential Hamilton brings to the ball park. He will wow them with feats of hitting as few players are capable of exhibiting. He will also frustrate them considerably by quitting on himself, his teammates and the fans. Hamilton got what he wanted from the Angels, $125 million dollars, attention, and another 15 minutes of fame.

The Angels let emotion get in the way of good business sense. There was a reason Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels had not resigned Hamilton last year, possibly already seeing what Hamilton so clearly displayed this past season. Hamilton went from being a cornerstone of the Rangers championship runs to being a millstone around their necks in a remarkably short period of time. To Ryan and Daniel’s credit, neither ever gave up on Hamilton, even when he gave up on himself. They were simply too smart to throw good money after bad.

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Podcast for Friday December 21, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about NFL week 16, we also talk some NBA and what we think a hero is.


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Podcast for Monday December 17, 2012

In todays podcast we review week 15 in the NFL.  We also talk about the NHL lockout and trades in MLB.

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Podcast for Friday December 14, 2012

In todays podcast we preview week 15 in the NFL, we also talk about the NFL adding 4 teams to the playoffs.  We also talk about Josh Hamilton’s deal with the Angels.


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Podcast for Friday December 7, 2012

In today’s podcast we talk about week 14 in the NFL, we also talk about the Army vs. Navy game and the Heisman Trophy.  We also discuss the Roger Goodell wanting to get rid of the kickoff and our opinion on Bob Costas’ remarks.

Army v Navy

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Podcast for Monday December 3, 2012

In today’s podcast we talk about the weekends best NFL and NCAA football games, we also talk about the College Bowl System.


Cleveland Browns

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Podcast for Friday November 30, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about the weekends biggest NFL and NCAA football games.  We also talk about Marvin Miller and his impact on free agency in all sports.  We also  talk about David Stern’s reaction to the Spurs resting their top players.


SEC Championship Game

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Podcast for Monday November 26, 2012

In todays podcast we talk about the weekends best NFL and NCAA football games, we also talk about the new TV deals for the NY Yankees and the L.A. Dodgers.

Notre Dame

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The Texas Rangers Letter to Santa or What It Should Be

Yu Darvish


The holidays are rapidly approaching. Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels have without doubt been busy penning a letter to Santa Claus. The Texas Rangers having tasted success the past three years and will need Santa to be good to them this year. As a long time Rangers fan, I also have been giving quite a bit of thought to what should be listed in the letter Ryan and Daniels will be forwarding to the Northpole.

After the late season meltdown by a team that essentially had the American League Western Division wrapped up midway through the summer. Ranger fans the world over were left wondering, what exactly happened to their team in late September. To sum it up in a few words would be difficult at best. Pointing a finger at one area of the team would be doing the others an injustice. The Rangers need so many things for Christmas this year.

Here, is a list of the top 10 items I would be putting in that letter if Ryan or Daniels were to either ask for my opinion.

1. Starting Pitching: Yu Darvish and Matt Harrison need some help if the Rangers want to reclaim the west. Colby Lewis coming back healthy would top my list. Lewis eats innings like a child eats candy. Lewis pitched over 200 inning his first two years after returning to the Rangers. They also need Neftali Feliz to come back strong. The loss of Lewis and Feliz, more than anything in my opinion caused the Rangers to allow the Oakland A’s overtake them.

2. More Starting Pitching: The Rangers need to add depth to the Darvish/Harrison/Lewis trio. They need to go out and trade for a quality starting pitcher. Yes, they could consider the free agent market, but they have tried that before with little success.

3. Let Josh Hamilton Leave: Let Hamilton take his bows and leave for more money elsewhere. Hamilton has been good for the Rangers in his time here, but all good things must come to an end. The Rangers have had a history of hanging on to long in the past, hopefully Ryan remembers this and lets Hamilton leave. Without a doubt, this will save money for pitching, and let Hamilton find the answers he is searching for elsewhere while the Rangers go back to the playoffs.

4. Trade Elvis Andrus: The Rangers need to deal Andrus before the season starts. Now, they could get a quality starting pitcher, maybe David Price from the Tampa Rays. Price is a big strong left handed pitcher, who last year pitched over 200 innings with over 200 strike outs.

5. Trade Derek Holland: Get whatever they can in return. Holland is like a rollercoaster. When he takes the mound, Ranger fans have no idea what they are going to get. One game he will be extremely good, the next he will be extraordinarily bad. The time has come for the Rangers to move on without him.

6. Beat up on the Houston Astros: The Astros are moving to the American League this year. The Rangers need to take advantage of an opportunity and beat up on the Astros before they settle in and figure out how to play with a designated hitter.

7. Add More Valet Parking: The Ballpark in Arlington is a fantastic place to watch a baseball game. The parking is terrible at best. Anyone not a season ticket holder better be prepared to hike to your seat. The Valet parking is an excellent value and the walk is cut down to about a 100 yards.

8. Add More Concession Employees: The Rangers are a fantastic organization for the community. Many local groups man the concession stands to support their cause. The down side, they make the lines move slower forcing fans to miss an inning or more going after a beer and a hotdog.

9. Play Fewer Day Games: Texas summers are hot. Day baseball in Texas makes no sense to me at all. I have been to day games in the past, but without a doubt that is the past. I have no interest in going out and sitting in the hot summer sun, trying to watch a Ranger game.

10. Keep On Winning: Last on the list, but not least. After years and years of watching losing teams take the field, Ryan and Daniels have given fans a reason to come to the games. The Rangers have been good for the last three years and the fans have rewarded them by coming to the games in droves. Last year Ranger attendance reached an all-time high, if they keep winning and we will keep coming.

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